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Johor Bahru. November


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Country Gardens in Johor Bahru have given us all a taste of what it could be like to live by the sea, with its own beach and Marina, plus it’s entertainment and restaurants on it’s boardwalk can be like.



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 I will be listing the latest events and happenings in Johor Bahru,  

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      Johor Bahru is a wonderful place to live, the people are multi cultural and live in harmony together, 

     and the city has lots of celebrations that reflect this, from the Chingay Parades to Indian temple parades that are held around the town,

There is no shortage of Entertainment and Events, they are happening throughout the year, (See the What's On Page)

In the last six years Shopping in Johor Bahru has indeed become a pleasure and nearly every area has a big shopping mall. Most with cinemas or bowling allys attatched to them, a truly family outing can be had when you need to do your shopping.

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